Q. When is the best time to start looking for menswear? A. It varies. Ideally about 6 – 8 months before your wedding. That way I can guarantee your first choice of outfit and above all else, once booked, it is one less thing to think about. Dinner Suits can be arranged on the same day as the event.

Q. Do I need to bring my gents wedding party in to book the suits? A. No. Initially I like to see the bride and groom on their own, so that we can try the groom in a variety of styles and colour co-ordinations and decide on the menswear for the remainder of the wedding party. Allow about 1 – 1½ hours to do this.

Q. Do I need a colour theme? A. Not necessarily, but it does greatly help if you have one. I encourage a colour from the bridal / female side to be used in the gents party and it is normally a bridesmaid colour, a colour within the bridal gown, or possibly the bouquet. This colour is generally used in the gents neckwear, waistcoat or both.

Q. When are fittings undertaken? A. Approximately 3 – 4 weeks before the wedding and pageboys about 2 weeks before.

Q. Do all of the wedding party need to come in together for their fittings? A. No. I normally see one or two gents at a time.

Q. When are the suits available for collection? A. Assuming a Saturday wedding, the suits are available to collect on the previous Thursday afternoon (between 4 – 5pm) or the Friday morning. We will usually clarify this at the fitting stage.

Q. When are the suits to be returned? A. Between 10am and 12 noon on the next working day.

Q. Do I have to clean the suits? A. No.

Q. What if some of the wedding party live away and cannot come in for fittings? A. Not a problem. I will ask the Groom to supply the measurements required. Once these are returned I will check them and sometimes ask the Groom to clarify a particular size, if necessary.

Q. What happens at the fitting stage? A. I will need the gents concerned to try on the full attire that has been ordered. The gents will then be measured exactly, including sleeve and leg length. It is imperative that shoes are worn, preferably a pair that are being worn for the wedding, as this helps with the leg length measurement. Allow about 15 – 20 minutes.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment for fittings? A. Yes. I undertake fittings Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm anytime. Saturday appointments are reserved solely for gents who have to travel and live away.

Q. Do I have to try suits on before booking? A. Yes – without doubt. It is vital that the suits not only fits in terms of size and measurement but it is equally vital that the suit Looks right and that the Groom is comfortable with the look and the feel.

Q. Are all the suits kept in stock / on-site? A. Most definitely. All of the stock is self-contained and does not arrive the day before the wedding from another location – therefore no excuses!!

Q. Are extended hire periods available? A. Yes. Weddings abroad are becoming increasingly popular, with appropriate styles and colours being available. Hire charges will vary according to the time of year, the time period required and the number of gents in the party.

Q. How do I pay? A. Generally in one of two ways. Once you have decided on your menswear and you are happy to book, you can either pay for all of the suits required, in full, or pay a £50 – £100 deposit (depends on suit package ordered) on each suit required for the wedding. You can pay cheque, cash or credit card.

Q. Do I pay damage insurance? A. No, we do not charge insurance on each outfit hired as a separate item. However I take 50 holding/security deposit per outfit hired. This is taken in the form of a cheque, or Visa/Credit card imprint. Any Deliberate or Malicious damage caused by abuse or foul-play is chargeable with the replacement cost for the item or items concerned being debited. However this is only ever effected after consultation with the Groom. Please note that top hats are excluded from your insurance completely.

Q. Who normally hires morning wear? A. Groom, Best Man, Fathers, Ushers (normally one for each side of the family).

Q. What if a certain member of the wedding party doesn’t want to wear a tailcoat? A. Most of the time it is the thought of wearing a morning tailcoat that bothers people, rather than the wearing of the coat itself. In this case I ask that the gent concerned comes in, just to try on, before the booking is confirmed. If necessary, short fittings can be accommodated and sleeves can be altered. If this still presents a problem, I recommend that a standard single-breasted jacket is worn, with the remainder of the party in tailcoats, or a change to the rossini frockcoat.

Q. Are top hats worn? A. Very rarely. They are to hold for the photographs along with the gloves.


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